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The Wire: Microscenes in the Philippines

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Composer, performer and curator Aki Onda writes about experimental music communities in Manila. Published in The Wire magazine, February 2018.

Global Ear | Microscenes in the Philippines

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"Sound artist and HERESY collaborator Teresa Barrozo's installation 'Vocalisation' is a musique concréte piece featuring birdsongs and other elements played through dozens of speakers attached to wooden structures in a huge shopping mall complex. 'The act of listening,' says Barrozo, 'is being attentive to what is heard and not heard. There is substance in both sound and silence.' Most of the work I came across Manila was based on direct soundmaking, or made clear delineation between the listener and the musician/composer. But, deeply attuned to space and built upon a pre-existing soundscape, this piece had a refreshing gentleness. It's an exciting development for the scene's future."

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