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HAKUS. A Dance, Film and Music Collaboration

SOUP OF GRACE Episode 1 "Hakus" (Embrace)

Film by: Ruelo Lozendo Choreographic Direction: Ma. Elena Laniog-Alvarez and Herbert Alvarez Music by: Teresa Barrozo

Soup of Grace: No Touch Touch Choreography and the Practice of Distance

SOUP OF GRACE is a choreographic research project envisioned to confront the limitations of creating in a time of crisis. As artists, our sense of creation has drastically been transformed as we no longer enjoy our spaces such as studios and other performance sites. Dance, which is rooted in movement and fellowship of bodies has been greatly restricted, thus, inspiring choreographers and dancers to find ways of remaining productive and relevant in a time characterized by paradigm shifts.

This project, which is the first of a series aiming to enrich the experience of dance and movement, re-evaluate the choreographic process as artists engage with each other through the digital box/space. Via the online platform, one-on-one sessions (improvisations and movement explorations) with dancers, and discussions, and collaborations on movement, music, and film among the artists, a choreographic work will be produced and captured in film.

This project is led and curated by distinguished teachers and choreographers, Herbert Alvarez, and Ma. Elena Laniog-Alvarez. Both newly- blessed parents hail from Iloilo City. Their partnership blossomed during their years of working together with the UP Dance Company.

Soup of Grace is their first independent initiative together outside any institution.

This project is in partnership with Japan Foundation Manila in cooperation with NPO Dance BOX.

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