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PAGLISAN, Cinema One Originals 2018

First time to create and arrange songs for an animated musical film. To be part of a team of sincere and generous artists is reward enough. Hope you can catch our little offering.

Here's the full trailer of Paglisan - The Leaving, a feature by Carl Joseph Echague Papa. Songs composed by E.J. Aguado and yours truly, together with our lyricists Erika Estacio, Aica Riz Ganhinhin, Christela Marquez, Carl Joseph Echague Papa, Sarah Santos & E.J. Aguado. Special thanks to Mr. Raizo Chabeldin and Nicholai Policarpio Minion for their valuable contribution in the song production.

PAGLISAN, a film by Carl Joseph Papa

To my Erika, congratulations on your first film and thank you for being my personal musical dramaturg and creative partner. You are my rock.

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