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Sound and Music Works Happening this November

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Happy to share a performance work I sound designed for and 3 films I scored all happening this November!

THE FILIPINO SUPERWOMAN BAND by Eisa Jocson KALEL, 15 by Jun Robles Lana ASWANG by Alyx Arumpac LINGUA FRANCA by Isabel Sandoval

THE FILIPINO SUPERWOMAN BAND November 5, 6 Tanz in Bern Bern, Switzerland

KALEL, 15 November 29 2019 Tallin International Film Festival Tallin, Estonia

ASWANG November 20 - December 1 International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands

LINGUA FRANCA October 31-November 2 Mix Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark

November 9 64th Cork Film Festival Cork, Ireland

November12, 13 39th Hawai’i Film Festival Hawai’i, USA

November 10, 16 30th Stockholm International Film Festival Stockholm, Sweden

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